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What is nutritional therapy and what Kate can do for you?


Nutritional therapy uses nutrition science as a tool to promote health with individual care.  Looking at the mind body and soul to see what is going on from every aspect of your life, from diet through to your environment and your physical life style, even addressing your emotions and stress levels can assist in the movement towards optimum health and a general feeling of wellness and energy.  Although nutritional therapy can be used for individuals with chronic conditions, it can be used by someone just looking to address their general health and well-being.

Nutritional therapy is recognised as a complimentary medicine and is never used as a replacement for medical advice. Any client with ‘red flag’ signs or symptoms will always be referred to their GP.

Nutritional therapy has been found to help all of these health conditions:





















Kate believes that with both cooking and nutrition that there is continual learning to be done to deepening knowledge and skill sets.  Kate is just about to graduate from a post grad diploma course in Traditional Chinese Medicine Nutrition at CNM, with the hope that this will enable her to create even more individualised food plans to help support clients path to wellness and to work along side Acupuncturists.

Kate is a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). As a CNHC member, she meets the National Occupational Standards in education and is obliged to abide by the CNHC Code of Conduct, Performance and Ethics. She is also fully insured by Balens Specialist Insurance Brokers.



A consultation with Kate

Kate sees clients at her home in Wiltshire or via Skype.


Prior to the initial consultation you will be sent a food diary to complete.

An initial consultation with Kate will last just over one hour. Kate will assess, through careful history taking, your health from birth to the present day, your diet; what you eat and drink, what exercise you may take and if there has been any toxic exposures or traumas you may have suffered.  Kate will also look at the mind-body connections – Psychological, spiritual, and social factors all can have a profound influence on your health.

Non-invasive clinical test may be recommended to determine any underlying causes of body system imbalances.


Kate may also look at good quality nutritional supplementation at a therapeutic dose, to help your body to correct any imbalances that are there.  If this is done she will only suggest researched and tested companies supplements, this is always discussed with the client and as always diet comes first!

Using preventative medicine to assist in health, Kate will come up with a plan and then will discuss it with you the client to make sure it is possible for you to achieve.


To see real benefits to your health and to see changes that will stick, your program needs to last over 3 months.  Kate will discuss this with you.   During that 3 months, Kate will bring in Traditional Chinese Nutrition, looking at the energetics of the foods you are eating to make your plan tailored specifically for your individual health.

The cost for an appointment: 

 £80  (60-90 min initial consultation) - £45  (45 min follow up consultations)  


Follow up appointments usually last 45 minutes

Follow up appointments are usually scheduled four weeks after the initial but this depends on the plan, the individual and will be agreed together.  



Health coaching calls:

Kate also offers 15 min health coaching phone/skype chats.  These cost £15 each and can occur every 2 weeks to keep you on track with your plan.  


This is where Kate helps you, the client, with anything from your plan that you may be struggling with.  Rather than Kate telling you how to fix the problem she uses coaching tools to help you to work out how you can fix it.  Kate believes strongly that these calls are very important for certain individuals.  Kate recommends these calls every 2 weeks in-between consultations.


Talks and Demonstrations:

Kate also offers talks at schools, for parents or students, and also for groups of adults on a range of subjects from basic nutrion through to womens health, how to beat sugar and more.  Please get int touch for more detailes.


 Kate also offers detox packages and weight loss packages.  These are priced slightly differently and there are a range of different packages.  Please do ask for more details.


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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME

Coeliac Disease



Digestive & Bowel Problems

Eating Disorders

Endometriosis & PCOS

Food Allergy & Intolerances

Healthy Eating

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Hormonal Imbalance & PMT




Joint Health & Osteoporosis


Low energy & tiredness

Mental Health problems



Parasitic & Fungal Infections

Poor Immunity

Pre-conception & Pregnancy


Sinus Congestion

Skin Health

Sports Nutrition


Thyroid Problems

Weight Management


Nutritional Therapy

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