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Nutritional Therapy:


Kate! I am feeling really positive about healing with you. This is now day 8 without sugar. Something I have always thought totally impossible. I once tried to give up sugar and didn’t make it past lunchtime! I can’t believe I am actually finally managing this!

Thank you for your approach, I know sugar is only the first goal but you have inspired me with confidence and belief that I can heal whilst doing this program with you. 

CK 2016


Kate's passion for healthy, nutritious eating is infectious. She has a rich scientific knowledge of what goes on when we eat, but also has the rare talent of being able to present it in a genuinely compelling, accessible and practical way. Attending one of Kate's short talks has given me real insight into basic good practice for nourishing myself and those around me. The focus on how to eat as much as what to eat was particularly eye-opening. There were so many tips and ideas for small, everyday changes that are easy to put into practice straight away. I feel newly equipped to read the signals my body is sending me and to really make the most of every single meal. All in all, it was time really well spent - and undoubtedly a wonderful investment in my future health and well-being.

HS 2016


I first went to see Kate a year ago, because I got frustrated at being kept on the same Steroids to treat my Psoriasis, over and over again. It wast until I hit rock bottom when the Doctors solution for my Psoriasis was an “autoimmune modifier” medicine (that really is as bad as it sounds). Four months later, loss of hair, slight depression, painful hands and feet, I decided that there must be something better than this to treat my condition. That’s when I found Kate.


She had only just qualified, but was confidant that she could help me. I had already decided to stop these horrible drugs, so Kate suggested I start a liver detox straight away to help the body detoxify the strong medication I had been on. She also recommended I drink lots of water, something I have always struggled with!


Within 4 days of being on her detox, I felt amazing. My mood had lifted, my skin was looking healthier not to mention my energy levels - one day I even text her to say it felt like I had had 1 or 2 Gin and Tonics I felt so giddy!! (Her reply was "welcome to the world of hydration!!’ - brilliant)


2 Years on, I look and feel great. I’m still working on what works for me and see Kate every once in a while, with her constant support whilst I’m on this journey. She has helped guide me though different diets without being on a “diet” and steering me in a direction where food not only tastes great, but more importantly, makes your feel amazing! (I even now ferment my own food…I’ve been telling her she should do courses in teaching this!!) It’s been a year and a half and I’m 100% drug free and my skin looks better than it has ever looked for long as I can remember. I can’t thank her enough for the new direction not only in my health, but also in my life.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to see Kate for anything from bloating to depression and skin complaints to fungus irritations! Kate is amazing! 

TR 2015


I went to Kate at the end of January this year after deciding there were a number of things I could do to radicalise my health. Nutrition seemed an obvious choice. Initially I saw her at one of her fantastic cooking sessions on how to eat gluten free. Her explanations (whilst necessarily scientific) were clear, interesting and informative and put into layman terms. The food made was delicious and made me realise eating gluten free didn't mean losing out. On the back of that class I decided to see Kate for a one to one consultation. From the get go, Kate put me at ease and informed me of the depth of questions she would ask. We spent a very thorough session looking at my medical history and examining areas in my life I was concerned about. Throughout the whole process I felt very comfortable by Kate's fantastic professional and also empathetic manner. A few days later she supplied me with her advice which spanned beyond nutritional but also behavioural and holistic. Whilst cutting out gluten meant a big lifestyle change for me, she gave me the tools (via hand outs and catch up sessions) to implement these changes. I can honestly say, going to Kate has changed how I think about the food I eat and how good nutrition is a fundamental part of my physical and mental wellbeing. I have sung her praises far and wide and have recommended her to various friends as well.

KG 2015


When Kate first started helping me, I had endometriosis, terrible joint pain and insomnia amongst other issues. Since changing my diet, (and having a brilliant time attempting Kate’s recipes), exercise pattern and following other suggestions from her, I sleep like a baby, have huge amounts of energy and I have no pain whatsoever from the endometriosis or my joints! I cannot recommend Kate more highly, she has a huge amount of patience, she has chattered away happily about the changes I could make or suggested new ones where necessary, explained how the foods I now prepare are beneficial and in what ways different foods help different ailments. Thank you so much for making my life happier, healthier and fitter!

 MR 2015


 "Whether talking through your history to analyse underlying health issues, or giving you the confidence to cook for yourself, Kate is as interested in her clients as she is in food itself. Her enthusiasm for eating yourself healthy is infectious. Her classes are fun as well as educational. I have lost weight, gained energy and learned to cook a squillion new things through Kate. I have found that understanding how the food I eat affects me, has made me more interested in what I eat, and therefore my lifestyle has changed for the better and will stay that way. I’d highly recommend her to anyone (and often do)."

AB February 2015


Teaching Healthy Cooking: 


"Thank you for inspiring me with the dishes you prepared for us last night. This class is worth every penny. I left full up with healthy food and full of knowledge about anti inflammatory foods. You teach so effortlessly Kate, it's lovely to watch."

GS 2015


Testimonials from students in the CNM cooking for health class November 2014


"Kate is a brilliant source of knowledge and the food is very tasty, delicious!"


"Kate’s knowledge is great as both a chef and a nutritional therapist – best of both worlds! Really like covering different topics each week plus the additional information that comes along with the cooking. Great to try all the dishes."


"What I enjoyed most about the course was the demonstration, knowledge enthusiasm and clear thoroughness. Super super good lecturer! Kate is very personable, just brilliant, thank you."


"Kate provided lots of information from her own knowledge and research. I also loved her tips on how to use things up + other culinary know how."


"The teacher was very enthusiastic and passionate about what she was doing, which is great for the students attending the class!"


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